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A great many complimentary wireless internet accessible, a single tick to interface wifi, without knowing wifi secret phrase!

-A huge number of wifi areas of interest
-One click:free wireless association
-Individual organization safety officer
-Share wifi secret word securely
-Filter the current wifi, recognize wifi security
1.Free WiFi
“WiFi Password ” give a great many complimentary wireless internet area of interest close by, you can interface with wifi without knowing wifi secret phrase.
2.Safe WiFi
“WiFi Password ” give believed wifi administrations. Just complimentary wireless internet and wifi shared by clients can be find and associate.
3.Easy and quick
Only a single tick, interface wifi and offer wifi secret key. “WiFi Password ” will distinguish wifi naturally.
4.Security Test
“WiFi Password” give security test,click current associated wifi,you can distinguish current wifi security.


All common WiFi secret key are concealed to guarantee security and protection of clients.

?Associate WiFi:
Search free WiFi area of interest around you,one click associate with WiFi hotspot,without knowing wifi password.Wi-Fi association will be security and quickly.”WiFi Password” assists you with inquisitive Wi-Fi secret key put away on our server and wifi secret word shared by different clients.

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?Share WiFi:
You can impart Free WiFi to others with basic activity.
Share free Wi-Fi: You can add Free Wi-Fi area of interest by sharing the Wi-Fi secret phrase with different clients.
Share individual WiFi hotspot:Turn your cell phone into a switch and offer your versatile organization with your companions.

?WiFi security:
Wireless association will be wellbeing and trusted.WiFi Password will be concealed and “WiFi Password ” can help you away from hazardous Wi-Fi area of interest and guarantee the security of associated Wi-Fi when you in a new climate .
The scope of Security recognition is Encrypt Detecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting.

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