Wifi Or Mobile Data Kisi Or Ka Or Use Ap Krain Gey

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Interface with any WiFi for FREE! WiFi Map is the biggest Wi-Fi people group on the planet!

The biggest WiFi area of interest data set on the planet


WiFi Map® has in excess of 150 million WiFi areas of interest accessible worldwide and the number is developing every day on account of our local area. With the application, you can interface with WiFi focal points free of charge, get genuine passwords, and make refreshes along with a huge number of WiFi Map clients!

Quick and secure VPN for public WiFi organizations

Utilize our underlying VPN for private web access and to keep your association secure. Use WiFi Map and the limitless VPN to safely peruse the web, settle on and acknowledge decisions, text in couriers, and remain online with a solitary WiFi Map application. Likewise, you can get around some local constraints and, for instance, gain admittance to your neighborhood administrations.

Point by point disconnected guides to find the web all over the place

It’s consistently hard to remain without a web association when you are voyaging or basically out of transporter administration. This is the place where the disconnected WiFi passwords guide will help. Download the guide of the entire locale with the total areas of interest information to ensure you’re ready to interface with the web.

Benefit from a WiFi Map people group and backing it

Utilize a WiFi scanner to search for neighboring Wi-Fi organizations, speed test them, and associate with the quickest ones. Simultaneously, you’re adding to the WiFi Map people group by sharing area of interest information and execution subtleties. On account of our clients you will consistently get genuine data on areas of interest around.

Sneak look of WiFi Map primary highlights

  • Track down the web from one side of the planet to the other
  • Access web for FREE when you interface with WiFi
  • A large number of WiFi areas of interest are accessible around the world
  • Authentic WiFi passwords and helpful hints
  • Use map route to track down the nearby areas of interest
  • Apply channels to discover the closest WiFi around you
  • Shrewd inquiry on the WiFi map
  • Add WiFi areas of interest around you to the guide
  • Download disconnected guides when you travel
  • Share WiFis on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with your companions
  • Limitless secure VPN
  • Different dependable VPN servers around the world

How to get associated?

  1. Open the WiFi Map application.
  2. Track down an accessible WiFi area of interest around you.
  3. Associate with the WiFi area of interest utilizing the data in the application.
  4. Appreciate quick, FREE and dependable web access!


Step by step instructions to add another WiFi area of interest to WiFi Map:

You will get promotions free form and download the disconnected district include in return for securely utilizing a portion of your gadget’s assets (WiFi and exceptionally restricted cell information), and just when you are not utilizing your gadget. You might wind down this from the settings menu.
If it’s not too much trouble, see our TOS
https://www.wifimap.io/terms and the SDK
Protection Policy at
https://luminati.io/lawful/sdk-security for additional data.

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