Adobe the Camera the Raw 11.2

Name: the Adobe the Camera the Raw  Description: The program makes Adobe Photoshop supports formats like DVD that LG and negatives cameras and other raw digital cameras, cameras  version number: 11.2  Size: 392.98...

Adobe Adobe Bridge CC 2019 V9.0.2 (64bit)

Name: the Adobe Adobe Bridge  Description: various file management software such as images, songs and video files on your PC and helps keep track and organize your files...

Adobe Audition CC 2019 v12.0.1.34 (64bit)

Name: Adobe Audition  Description: Professional Audio Editor 64-bit Edition Version: CC 2019 v12.0.1.34  Version Type: (64Bit)  Size: 622.77 MB      DOWNLOAD

Adobe Animate CC 2019 v19.1.349 (64bit)

Name: Adobe Animate  Description: A tool developed by the company Adobe giant using the language of HTML5 CSS3 and Java, which is the purpose of making all...

Adobe Air

Name: Adobe Air  Description: A program that allows developers to use web technologies for creating web applications  Version Number:  Size: 10,68 MB File ID: c4e99a250ef05b00ab7062aba7b5e91a   DOWNLOAD

Adobe of After Effects CC 2019 V16.0.1.48

Name: the Adobe of After Effects  Description: A program with global measurements for video editing and adding visual effects and audio, thealternative of life in the still images, allowing you...

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019 v2019.010.20098

Name: Adobe Acrobat  Description: The program to read files from portable document format  Issue number: Pro DC 2019 v2019.010.20098  Size: 877,15 MB File ID: 98762c54a643bcf0dbb2b3bf6053fcd    DOWNLOAD

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2

Name: Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Description: The program is a giant in the maintenance of the computer fully where the program speeds up your computer and clean...

Wise Registry Cleaner 9.63.629

Name: Wise Registry Cleaner Description : Wise Registry Cleaner and System Performance Improvement Version Number: 9.63.629 Size: 2,61 MB File ID: 881cbed23e6d81071e5aa3aebee3af81   DOWNLOAD

Wise Program Uninstaller

Name: Wise Program Uninstaller Description: Program Delete and Remove Programs from your computer, you can uninstall programs and remove programs from the root, clean your computer from...

Wise Disk Cleaner 9.76.693

Name: Wise Disk Cleaner Description: A program that helps you clean your computer's hard drive from junk programs, temporary files and all kinds of files that are...

Rufus 3.1 the Build 1320

Name: Rufus Description: Rufus application is a free portable and open source for Microsoft Windows can be used to format and create USB drives are bootable , or USB...

Reg Organizer

Name: Reg Organizer Description: A set of effective tools to tweak, optimize and clean Windows, and aim to free up system resources effort and performance engine spin...

Process Explorer 15.22

Name: Process Explorer Description: Program to control open services Issue number: 15.22 Size: 1,09 MB File ID: 4e278f748849fe47f15fd1e3ad99bbf8   DOWNLOAD

PrivaZer 3.0.50

Name: PrivaZer Description: The program helps to clean the computer from excess and unwanted files . Version number: 3.0.50 Size: 6.69 MB File ID: 8b3f7df17a652d420a282df9169abc40   DOWNLOAD

PhysX 9.09.0814

Name: PhysX Description: Program to improve the performance of the graphics card in games Version Number: 9.09.0814 Size: 37.07 MB License: Free File ID d6c7c9346f6cabe0ee1cf7ef46c38635 : MD5    DOWNLOAD  

O & O SafeErase Professional 12.5.168

Name: O & O SafeErase Description : O & O SafeErase Description: The best software to delete sensitive data, files and folders from the hard drive Issue number: Professional 12.5.168 Size: 0,00 B File ID: d1e16f353af00700cd2c39e3816aa61d   DOWNLOAD

InstallAware Studio Admin X8 v25.0.0.2018 & Runtimes

Name: InstallAware Studio Admin Description : InstallAware Studio Admin Description: A tool that offers better solutions for installation packages and makes installation easy and wonderful . Version Number: X8 v25.0.0.2018 & Runtimes Size: 2.96...

HWiNFO V6.02 the Build 3670

Name: HWiNFO Description: best programs to detect computer information or laptop , which is owned and show the maximum amount of information on all device information and its components in detail version number: V6.02...

GPU-Z 2.17.0

Name: GPU-Z Description: To view the details and specifications of the graphics card Release number: 2.17.0 Size: 6.0 MB   DOWNLOAD
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